Oh the Places You'll Go!

Last year I had an Erasmus experience, and although it wasn't my first time leaving "home" it was my first time living out of my home country. It was extremely exciting but I also remember feeling a little bit anxious. I have always been fairly independent, thank you parents for not being overprotective 🙏. Truth be said, kids are better off when they are left to fend for themselves, through first hand experience they will learn how to face challenges and solve them in their own way.

Take it easy, give yourself time to explore these new and foreign lands. Locate the closest supermarket, walking route or public transportation to your study/workplace. Figure out all the bureaucracies you need to take care of. At first you may feel lost, alone and even homesick, both mentally and physically (why intestines..?!) this is completely natural, you are adjusting to a new life and you don't know anyone yet.
Ill Never Grow Up

Make yourself get out of your comfort zone shell and do things. Time flies so don't just sit around and wait for life to happen, so lame but so true. It doesn't matter if it's a crazy night out, volunteer groups or a knitting club, as long as you are doing what makes you happy and meet new people along the way. If they share your interests and hobbies it's a plus. Sometimes we forget the basics of human interactions: a big smile and a "hello!" should start it off. While you're off discovering the world why not start a blog or journal to track these new adventures? and remember to explore not just as a tourist but as a local, there is a big difference. Home will always be home but if you open your heart and mind to it you will find that home can be anywhere in the world and it is so worth it!

Oh the Places You'll Go! by Dr Seuss 💛
Where to find things to do and people to meet:
  • Tourist information sites, travel blogs, generally speaking the internet
  • Universities: activities, clubs and parties
  • International Houses host events
  • Cafés host game nights, concerts and markets
  • Tinder
  • meetup
  • Out and about anywhere on the street!

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