25 de março de 2017

Danske Slotte | Castelos da Dinamarca

Northern Sjaelland Castles

When the weather is nice and sunny in Denmark, it is almost mandatory to go out and about, this time, for a full day trip to see castles. We drove up the coast from Kongens Lyngby and passed through Karen Blixen's house and Louisiana first. The morning was spent at Kronborg and after lunch, Fredensborg and Frederiksborg.


Kronborg sits by the sea in Helsingør town, located north east of Sjaelland and neighbour to Helsingborg in Sweden. See if you can find the little mermaids statue in a male version "Han" (him), he is extremely shiny. When passing through the main entrance you start to hear military recordings and get in the spirit of what it used to be like as a stronghold. It is possible to visit inside the castle, but just walking around and in the courtyards is free and still lovely. There are miniature models showing the evolution of the fort throughout the years.
You will find Holger Danske statue "sleeping" in stone. He is a national dane hero and according to legend will wake up to protect Denmark in case of threat from enemies, Hans Christian Andersen was the one to place him at Kronborg in a fairy tale. This castle was also an inspiration for Shakespeares play Hamlet.
Castle view from the sea
There is a ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg (Sweden) which gives a nice view of the castle and you also get to visit a new city. A two way ticket costs 57 dkk and lasts about fifteen minutes long to each side. In Helsingborg, I walked a little bit around the centre passing by the Kärnan and climbed up to the Slottshagen.
Slottshagen, Sweden.

Fredensborg Palace

The way to Fredensborg goes across country roads, fields and the Esrum Sø lake, ideal for a lunch picnic.
Esrum Sø
Fredensborg means Peace castle and is considered the Danish Versailles, it is elegant and classy but much more discrete, in terms of the statues and garden. Many of the royal events are set here.
It is a nice walk around the palace (east side) and surrounding gardens which are very green, ample and simple. There is a full open view of the lake, without any statue in the middle, unlike other European castles.

Woods around the palace

Frederiksborg Slot

I think this one is my favourite out of the three, it reminds me a little bit of Hogwarts. Situated in Hillerød, it is surrounded by beautiful baroque styled gardens and a lake.


20 de março de 2017

Weekend in London

This is the third time I have visited London and I still want to come back. It is such a fresh and exiting city you can never have too much of it.

| Notting Hill, Portobello Market

I love the feel of Notting Hill. At Portobello road you are overwhelmed with different colours and smells, from vegetable and fruit markets and multicultural food stands. There are picturesque antique shops, with clocks, old photography equipment, and forgotten teddy bears. Seeing familiar books, such as Beatrice Potter, Roald Dahl, Paddington Bear, and Harry Potter bring back so many childhood memories. Street buskers brighten up the atmosphere whether its with saxophone solos or adorable old ladies singing.

Hummingbird bakery (133 Portobello Rd, London W11 2DY) has beautifully decorated and yummy pastries, beware of sugar overdose!

Classic red velvet cupcake 

| Camden town

Camden is a really hipster, freaky and awesome place. All the stores stand out, with the typical decorations jumping out of the walls. There are a mix of different markets: the Camden lock area and the Stable markets, from jewellery, to hipster clothes, to trinkets you don't need. The freakiest shop in Camden is definitely Cyberdog. You can find anything alternative there, including the people who work there, amidst neon lights, electronic music and pole dancing girls.

We had a late lunch at Poppies and shared a large Cod Fish n Chips (16,90£).

| Shoreditch (East End London)

Homeslice Pizza: dinner XL Pizza (20£)

| Brick Lane

You have two bagel shops right next to each other, the "white shop" and the "red shop" I honestly don't know which one is the best I have tried both shops in different years and they were both good :)

| Westminster

I personally love going to see the Big Ben at night, because that is when  you can see it illuminated. Then I like to walk East alongside the Thames river and zigzag crossing over the many bridges until the Tower bridge.

4 de março de 2017


Hamburg is a port city, expect to find many boats, bridges, canals, and hear passing seabirds. I caught it on a very grey and rainy weekend which unfortunately set a slight gloomy mood.

The journey from Copenhagen is nice because you get to go on the ferry. Transport cost me 19€ each way, first on the Flixbus and to return on the DB train. Travelling by train is 100 times better and I suggest it if you can. I had my phone, food and knitting to entertain me on the way. Public transport daily ticket in Hamburg is 6,20€. 

I took most of the ideas on what to see from Lonelyplanet, so thanks for that advice :)

We walked around the city, saw the Rathaus, St. Petri-kirche, St Michaelis-kirche, HafenCity area and harbour... The Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei has really good coffee and hot chocolate (with soy milk option) but the cakes were nothing special.
The Elbphilharmonie is the new modern concert hall in Hamburg. It  has a free viewpoint of the city from the plaza, but you have to book it on the day and in the machines they have there, whilst online you pay for the reservation. Get there early, or it will get fully booked, and choose a time slot to visit throughout the day. 
We did not plan this but as we were walking in the urban park, Planten un Blomen, we heard the music from the ice skating and decided to give it a try. This was my first ice skating experience and I loved it. I was so exited and went all confident into the rink, but it all got crushed when I put my first foot in and felt myself slipping like bambi. I then tried to skate a little bit, but felt no control whatsoever, so for the first half hour I held on very tightly to the rail refusing to let go, because I have a fear of falling and getting hurt, I was so disappointed in myself. Luckily I got a little help and was so happy when I got the hang of it, I was setting longer and longer goals of skating each time I let go.

and after

We crossed the river from underneath in the Alter Elbetunnel, which is a really long tunnel (426.5m long and 23.5m deep), the way down is located on the Landungsbrücken. We took the stairs three times, and when returning back up, the elevator. On the other side you get a nice view from the harbour and city.
Catch Ferry 62 instead of harbour cruises. It is included in the public transports system so just hop on and off like a water bus and enjoy the ride. It departs from Landungsbrücken (pier 3), and some good stops are the ‘Dockland’ station where you can climb up to the top of office buildings and Altona (Fischmarkt), we didn't have time to go much further because we had a train and plane to catch.
Ferry 62
Brücke 10 is a really nice and cheap fish sandwich place by the river. We had lunch there and I tasted the Salmon, and Shrimp sandwiches, but the fish cake was my favourite out of the three.
Brücke 10
Overall it is a nice city and I enjoyed my stay. However, I don't feel like I need to go back, even only have stayed for a short weekend. I'm exited about visiting other places in Germany, and I like Berlin much more, for sure.

Teresa Caria

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