17 de novembro de 2018

Teresa Caria

17 NOVEMBRO 12-13h Rádio Marginal
"Amanhã a conversa é com Teresa Caria, a Artista Plástica que descobriu também a arte de partilhar com os mais jovens as suas experiências criativas... e tanto que ela tem partilhado. Mas como "a conversa é como as cerejas", muito mais há para conversar. Acompanhe a partir das 12h na Marginal em "mulheres.com" de Sandra Pimenta."

11 de novembro de 2018

Copenhagen Favorite Walks I | Travel Log

There are so many possible ways to walk and enjoy beautiful Copenhagen. On Sunday mornings I always had a lift to St Alban's Church and Gefionspringvandet, which is close to the little mermaid and so I started there and have come up with some walking suggestions. I made this very outdoorsy but i'll write a post on rainy days and museums later.

1. The Little Mermaid selfie

If you're lame like me, you want a selfie with the iconic Little Mermaid statue from Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. You might need to wait your turn it's usually crowded. If you just want to see it quickly, know that the netto boat tours usually pass right by it. Walk along the canal or Amaliegade to Amalienborg square. In alternative, you can take a ferry bus boat to Cristiania at the Nordre Toldbod (Københavns Havn).

2. Amalienborg Palace & Frederiks kirke 

The Amalienborg is the royal residence and if the flags are hoisted it means the royal family is home (i think). If you stick around till noon you can see the Royal Guards change, Den Kongelige Livgarde, they march daily from Rosenborg to Amalienborg. Take notice of the Opera house on the other side of the canal. Head towards the Frederiks Kirke or marble church and follow the Bregade street to Mormors on your left.

Amalienborg with the Potates

3. Breakfast at Mormors

Mormors has got to be the sweetest coffee shop ever with its unique decoration and music! I definitely recommend stopping by and having a cinnamon snail or a danish, it has a very Danish feel to it.

Christmas time at Mormors

4. Nyhavn and Netto boats

I've written about Nyhavn before here. It is a very colourful tourist classic spot in central Copenhagen. Closeby is kongens Nytorv and Charlottenborg Slot.
Or you can just look at the map here

I suggest that you take the Netto guided boats tours in the canal (1h = 40dkk) it's really fun because you get another perspective of the city and learn something from the guides.

It goes something like this:
Nyhavn to Little Mermaid, round Christiania, under the Trangravsbroen bridge, pass the Vor Frelsers Kirke, under the Cirkelbroen bridge christianshavn canal, det Kongelige Bibliotek (if its sunny you'll see it shine hence the name "Black Diamond"), into the canals again pass Christian IV's Bryghus, Christiansborg Slot, Holmens Kirke, Břrsen, Christian IV, gamle børssal and under all these bridges: Prinsens Bro, Marmorbroen, Stormbroen, Højbro, Holmens Bro and Børsbroen.

5. Jump on trampolines

CPH street trampoline
Guess what Denmark has trampolines in the middle of the street - it's so cool! Be a kid again and bounce that everyday stress off. This set of trampolines is in Havnepromenade in front of Café Malmo (35). Another place I saw trampolines in the street was around Kronborg castle.

6. Cross the Inderhavnsbroen bridge

This bridge is very modern and cool. Whenever tall boats need to cross it slides open like a butterfly.

7. Papirøen

The Paper Island is the Copenhagen Street Food and it used to be a navy warehouse but it closed December 2017. Leave a wish at the Copenhagen Art Center tree of wishes (probably it's not there anymore).

7. Christiania

Stroll around within the main streets and respect people's privacy. You can admire the cool artwork but you aren't allowed to take pictures.

8. Vor Frelsers Kirke

Climb up the 400 steps to get a stunning top view serpentine spire. Then you can cross Knippelsbro and walk the Børsgade towards Christiansborg Slot.

9. Christiansborg Slot

The Christiansborg slot is the danish parliament and also where the series Borgen was filmed. Go ahead to the Tower and you can enjoy a city view, plus it's free.
Christiansborg Tower view

9. Tivoli

End the day at Tivoli the second oldest operating park in the world! I'm not very big on amusement parks but I found Tivoli quite charming. My favourite ride is The Flying Trunk because it has bits of Hans Christian Andersen stories and I only do kiddies rides. At night there is a light and water show be sure to check for other activities in the website. The first time I went I saw a concert (The Voice) and heard a bunch of Danish artists like Page four which is now a total guilty pleasure of mine ahah sometimes I still hear 'Sommer' or 'Fucking Smuk' 
Den Flyvende kuffert

13 de setembro de 2018

Sofiero slott och slottsträdgård

On my last weekend in Denmark (June 2017) we had a girls day out and set north to Helsingør and after crossed the ferry to Sweden. The gardens of Sofiero Slott were fully bloomed and a spectacular view. Many shapes, colours, some vibrant, some soft and oh the perfumes! It was a wonderful photography day for a macro lover: Blomster Flickr, and as for us girls we had a blast with photoshoot session. I was sporting some braids and my Totoro backpack because I'll Never Grow Up!

14 de maio de 2018

Pensamentos Viajantes

Muito orgulhosa da minha Mãe | So proud of my Mummy ! 💛
 'Pensamentos Viajantes' by Teresa Caria

My bunny is a Star!

My little fluff ball is strikingly handsome and has now done two modelling jobs, for Voke Swimwear and for Jumbo Moda. He loves to explore on set and is obviously bribed to stay in place so you don't have to be concerned, he is extremely well cared for.

Follow him on Instagram if you wish for weekly fluff doses: Mr Fluffy Rabbit

27 de fevereiro de 2018

Foto Livro Açores - SAAL DIGITAL

Muito obrigada mais uma vez à Saal Digital  - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Que saudades que tinha de ter um álbum de fotografias das férias! Já não os faço desde o tempo da máquina analógica quando mandava revelar rolos. Estive na Ilha de São Miguel nos Açores recentemente e nada melhor que o recordar com um álbum. Recomendo MESMO que experimentem a Saal Digital, a relação qualidade preço é muito boa, estou extremamente satisfeita com o resultado final. Link para o post antigo do álbum digital.

Foto livro espiral (13 x 18) com alinhamento horizontal.
Superfície: papel premium mate
Custo: 15,10 € (com 44 páginas)
Portes de envio para Portugal: 4,95 € 

Once again many thanks to  Saal Digital for an awesome photo booklet - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How I miss having holiday photo albums, I haven't done one since film cameras. I recently traveled to São Miguel Island in the Azores and nothing better to remember that trip than this awesome photo booklet. I REALLY recommend that you try Saal Digital, the price-quality is very good and I am extremely pleased with the final result.

10 de fevereiro de 2018

North Berwick

Beach & tidal pools
I love discovering life in tidal pools, i've done it ever since I was little. It's the vibrant colours of seaweed, the smell of sea breeze and excitement of what i'll find hiding underneath rocks, sand and anemones: cheeky hermit crabs, baby shrimp and fish. I'm a shell and sand collector and sometimes I keep other ocean treasures, nowadays I mostly just do it digitally.
Bass Rock
I booked the Sula II Boat Trip to Bass Rock (15£) online (probably best so that you guarantee a spot). It's a beautiful sail boat and the owners are so nice they even lent me a pair of binoculars! The boat ride was shaky because it was a windy day and the waves were picking up. I saw a few Puffins, OH MY GOD the cutest birds I have ever seen with their little feet spread open, but also Guillemots, Cormorants and Shags. Closer to the Bass Rock it gets very load with bird calls and a very strong smell of guano and of course Gannets, Gannets everywhere! this is what makes it look like a white iceberg from a far. It's Britain’s largest single island colony of the North Atlantic Gannet which returns every year to breed and lay a single egg.
The Scottish Seabird Center is educational, lots of fun and you help support conservation by visiting. There are activities like drawing seabirds, interactive exhibitions where you can spot nesting birds on the Bass Rock from telescopes and live cameras that you control yourself, documentaries and short movies. 
Happy kid
North Berwick Flickr álbum

North Berwick is only only half an hour away from Edinburgh by train.

9 de fevereiro de 2018

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Last year I had an Erasmus experience, and although it wasn't my first time leaving "home" it was my first time living out of my home country. It was extremely exciting but I also remember feeling a little bit anxious. I have always been fairly independent, thank you parents for not being overprotective 🙏. Truth be said, kids are better off when they are left to fend for themselves, through first hand experience they will learn how to face challenges and solve them in their own way.

Take it easy, give yourself time to explore these new and foreign lands. Locate the closest supermarket, walking route or public transportation to your study/workplace. Figure out all the bureaucracies you need to take care of. At first you may feel lost, alone and even homesick, both mentally and physically (why intestines..?!) this is completely natural, you are adjusting to a new life and you don't know anyone yet.
Ill Never Grow Up

Make yourself get out of your comfort zone shell and do things. Time flies so don't just sit around and wait for life to happen, so lame but so true. It doesn't matter if it's a crazy night out, volunteer groups or a knitting club, as long as you are doing what makes you happy and meet new people along the way. If they share your interests and hobbies it's a plus. Sometimes we forget the basics of human interactions: a big smile and a "hello!" should start it off. While you're off discovering the world why not start a blog or journal to track these new adventures? and remember to explore not just as a tourist but as a local, there is a big difference. Home will always be home but if you open your heart and mind to it you will find that home can be anywhere in the world and it is so worth it!

Oh the Places You'll Go! by Dr Seuss 💛
Where to find things to do and people to meet:
  • Tourist information sites, travel blogs, generally speaking the internet
  • Universities: activities, clubs and parties
  • International Houses host events
  • Cafés host game nights, concerts and markets
  • Tinder
  • meetup
  • Out and about anywhere on the street!

10 de novembro de 2017

My Photography Book | Saal Digital

Hello beautiful people!

This is my honest review of a product from Saal Digital (printing company) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love photography and recently made a photo album book with some of my favourite pictures from this past year. I am in LOVE with how it came out, the quality of the printing is EXCELLENT! Thank you so much Saal Digital for the opportunity! With the digital era everyone takes so many more photographs but rarely does anything with them. I love looking back on memories from old photo albums before everything was archived away in drives and many times forgotten or lost. I also think it makes a really nice gift idea.

Main points from my experience:
I personally chose a 19 x 19 album with 28 pages (I added 53 photographs).
  • Making the album - They have a software for editing your personalised album with many design possibilities. I found it super easy to work with and having the option of automated layouts is a huge advantage for me because i’m not much of a designer/editor person. You add the number of photographs per page you wish, so full pages or make collages. You can choose to add background colours, text, frames (i believe) i kept mine pretty simple because I wanted it more as a portfolio style.

  • Customer service - I personally didn't need to contact them but they were 5* in the emails following my order, providing every information necessary and being very attentive.

  • Quality - I chose the mate photographic paper and the photographs came out excellent - the paper is thick and the colours/printing were perfect. It looks exactly like a book!

  • Costs - My album was 26,15 € | Shipping to Portugal was 4,95 €  (company located in Germany). However, Saal Digital sponsored my album.

  • Delivery & Package - super fast it was produced in 1 day and took 7 working days to arrive. You can track the delivery of your order online, get notifications, change address, invoice details. The album was nicely packaged with protective foam film.
Godmorgen solskin

Esta é a minha opinião honesta sobre um produto da Saal Digital (empresa de produtos fotográficos) - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Adoro fotografia e recentemente fiz um álbum fotográfico com alguns dos meus momentos favoritos deste ano. ADOREI o resultado final, a qualidade da impressão é EXCELENTE! Muito obrigada à Saal Digital pela oportunidade! Com a era digital, todos tiramos mais fotografias mas é raro fazermos alguma coisa com elas. Gosto muito de reviver memórias em álbuns como antigamente antes de tudo ser arquivado no disco rigido, muitas vezes esquecido ou perdido. Também acho que um  album deste género dá um presente mesmo giro. 

Principais pontos da minha experiência
Pessoalmente escolhi um álbum 19 x 19 com 28 páginas (adicionei 53 fotografias).

  • Desenhar o álbum - Eles têm um software para editar o álbum personalizado com imensas opções de design. Eu achei o programa acessível e fácil de trabalhar. Gostei do facto de haver layouts predefinidos, uma grande vantagem para mim porque não tenho skills de design/edição. Pode-se adicionar o número de fotografias por página que se quiser, desde páginas completas a colagens/montagens. Dá para adicionar cores de fundo, texto, molduras (acho eu), eu mantive o meu mais para o simples porque queria estilo de portfólio.
  • Atendimento ao cliente - Não precisei de entrar em contacto com este serviço mas foram 5* nos e-mails após a encomenda, deram todas as informações necessárias e foram disponíveis.
  • Qualidade - Escolhi papel fotográfico mate e as fotografias saíram excelentes. O papel é grosso e as cores / impressão ficaram impecáveis. Parece um livro!
  • Custos - O  meu álbum foi 26,15 € | O envio para Portugal foi 4,95 € (empresa Alemã). Contudo, a Saal Digital ofereceu-me este álbum.
  • Envio - Muito rápido o album foi produzido no dia seguinte à encomenda e demorou 7 dias úteis a chegar. Dá para acompanhar a encomenda online, alterar a morada, factura, etc. O álbum vinha bem aconchegado em espuma protetora.

6 de novembro de 2017

Tusind Tak Hyggelig People

I didn't exactly plan a specific country for my Erasmus. I knew I wanted to do my master thesis abroad and I knew that I wanted to study seaweed because I love algae. I began to contact researchers that were working in that field and one of the positive replies was from DTU, so in a way I feel that Denmark chose me. Sometimes it seems that life points you to certain places and times exactly as if it was meant to be.
The Skovfryd Family. @Ill Never Grow Up
It's been five months since I left and I miss it like crazy. I miss walking endlessly in Copenhagen every other Sunday, having kage at Mormors, riding my bicycle and walking through the woods in search of deer and hidden creatures.. above all, I miss the people. I miss singing with the choir (I think i'll never forget the lyrics to "For Evigt"); I miss working with the bioactive group; I miss playing Dixit and drinking the best hot cocoa at Bastard café; but most of all I miss my "Skovfryd family" (aka my housemates). When you live for a certain amount of time somewhere it just grows on you and then it will forever be a part of you. It was one of the best years of my life and at the same time one of the worst. I was extremely brokenhearted most of the time, but everyone and everything made my year special and I am truly grateful for that and therefore wouldn't change anything about it. 

The nine months I spent in Denmark flew by and now remain memories I will always remember dearly, like the magical mystery road trips and wonderful dinner parties. It was an exiting time for me, a lot of new experiences, different weather, food, schedules and culture. I am so lucky to have had a family and a place I could actually feel like home. I stayed in a beautiful yellow house by the Jægersborg Dyrehave, which I like to call the enchanted forest. The garden was visited by spiders, newts, squirrels, and cheeky birds, including our dearest "Frederik" aka Fred the woodpecker. I enjoy naming animals for fun and since finding out that Fred means peace in Danish it was a popular one for me. Sometimes the garden lights would turn on during the night and wake me up because of sneaky cats and foxes prowling, I always liked to think it was a fox but I never actually saw any. As a nature lover and biologist all these encounters were of course a delight for me! 

I represented my Skovfryd family in animal version a very me kind of thing to do. I am so lucky and glad our paths crossed I love them to bits and can't wait to see them again! 

💛 My dearest Rosie, 'the beautiful old lady' like I once said, who taught me so much: life lessons, random facts and all, ducks have baby ducklings and swans have baby cygnets 😌
💛 Armita & Mehran 🐥my Iranian love birds you guys are so nice 
💛 Cátia my fashionista and life advisor therapy person 🐱🐝
💛 Dayana & Nidhin 🐘 my happy indies you are the best
💛 Ioanniii 🐊 your best advice turned out to be so very true 🙈 (also we all know you love Cátia more)
💛 Tara 🐛 & André 🐼 my sweets you're awesome
💛 Liz and other passing members of Skovfryd 

Everyone at work was pretty special too, both my supervisors are amazing people and my colleagues were really nice. It was a very positive work environment the kind where you feel valued and a part of the team. When I left I got goodbye presents - seaweed themed of course 💚 - and a letter that really touched me.

Tusind tak to everyone that was a part of this, Denmark you are imprinted in my ♥

Teresa Caria

17 NOVEMBRO 12-13h Rádio Marginal "Amanhã a conversa é com Teresa Caria, a Artista Plástica que descobriu também a arte de partilhar...