Tusind Tak Hyggelig People

I didn't exactly plan a specific country for my Erasmus. I knew I wanted to do my master thesis abroad and I knew that I wanted to study seaweed because I love algae. I began to contact researchers that were working in that field and one of the positive replies was from DTU, so in a way I feel that Denmark chose me. Sometimes it seems that life points you to certain places and times exactly as if it was meant to be.
The Skovfryd Family. @Ill Never Grow Up
It's been five months since I left and I miss it like crazy. I miss walking endlessly in Copenhagen every other Sunday, having kage at Mormors, riding my bicycle and walking through the woods in search of deer and hidden creatures.. above all, I miss the people. I miss singing with the choir (I think i'll never forget the lyrics to "For Evigt"); I miss working with the bioactive group; I miss playing Dixit and drinking the best hot cocoa at Bastard café; but most of all I miss my "Skovfryd family" (aka my housemates). When you live for a certain amount of time somewhere it just grows on you and then it will forever be a part of you. It was one of the best years of my life and at the same time one of the worst. I was extremely brokenhearted most of the time, but everyone and everything made my year special and I am truly grateful for that and therefore wouldn't change anything about it. 

The nine months I spent in Denmark flew by and now remain memories I will always remember dearly, like the magical mystery road trips and wonderful dinner parties. It was an exiting time for me, a lot of new experiences, different weather, food, schedules and culture. I am so lucky to have had a family and a place I could actually feel like home. I stayed in a beautiful yellow house by the Jægersborg Dyrehave, which I like to call the enchanted forest. The garden was visited by spiders, newts, squirrels, and cheeky birds, including our dearest "Frederik" aka Fred the woodpecker. I enjoy naming animals for fun and since finding out that Fred means peace in Danish it was a popular one for me. Sometimes the garden lights would turn on during the night and wake me up because of sneaky cats and foxes prowling, I always liked to think it was a fox but I never actually saw any. As a nature lover and biologist all these encounters were of course a delight for me! 

I represented my Skovfryd family in animal version a very me kind of thing to do. I am so lucky and glad our paths crossed I love them to bits and can't wait to see them again! 

💛 My dearest Rosie, 'the beautiful old lady' like I once said, who taught me so much: life lessons, random facts and all, ducks have baby ducklings and swans have baby cygnets 😌
💛 Armita & Mehran 🐥my Iranian love birds you guys are so nice 
💛 Cátia my fashionista and life advisor therapy person 🐱🐝
💛 Dayana & Nidhin 🐘 my happy indies you are the best
💛 Ioanniii 🐊 your best advice turned out to be so very true 🙈 (also we all know you love Cátia more)
💛 Tara 🐛 & André 🐼 my sweets you're awesome
💛 Liz and other passing members of Skovfryd 

Everyone at work was pretty special too, both my supervisors are amazing people and my colleagues were really nice. It was a very positive work environment the kind where you feel valued and a part of the team. When I left I got goodbye presents - seaweed themed of course 💚 - and a letter that really touched me.

Tusind tak to everyone that was a part of this, Denmark you are imprinted in my ♥


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